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French bed and individual bed

Creating a bed is a great job that offers a wide range of options to try out unique ideas.They can be with feet´s, box or floating bed.The sides of the box beds reach the floor.The box itself has exceptional aesthetics.As a storage space, it means drawers can be installed.It is desirable that the raw material from which it is made is not inferior Fir, but raw-hardwood, because of its massiveness.

However, the comfort of the bed depends on the mattress.

Floating double bed in the picture (180x200) - which can be seen in our showroom in Kikinda – is truly unique, as it is made of Swietenia Mahogany, with three layers of high gloss lacquer.

The bed frame does NOT include battens, nor mattresses!

Sizes and materials

Sizes and materials are just descriptions, as each order is adapted to the imagination, vision, creativity, experience of our encounter and the available space of the buyer.
The most important question of the above is how to combine noble wood.
You may use your own, quality, garden tree with the provisions that the manufacturer approves it and that it meets requirements.
Creating a product requires a lot of time making and fulfilling the order.
Good work requires patience and time.
Quality never costs as much as it saves
After expert consultation with customer participation is when the order is invoiced.

Bedside table

Uniquely designed night cabinets can also be seen in our salon in Kikinda.

The front and side panels, embedded in a pine wood frame, are made of Sapelli Mahogany plywood in a way that brightly contrasts that is emphasized by the reddish color of the noble wood.

The top plate and bottom are made of Swietenia Mahagony, with three layers of matte acrylic lacquer.The cabinet is raised by a neoclassical low groove that provides a good balance and protects the furniture from moisture.

Its distinction is in the hand-made handles of Swietenia Mahogany. 

Ladder( stairs ) for gallery

Completely made of Sapelli Mahogany.

The treads are designed to separate the right and left foot, due to the steep slope and practicality of the space.

This means the ladder occupies less space and is impeccable in function.

Both as a perfect fit and in material processing. 


This is very special coffee table; whose production is far from a tradition.

Below the glass made table is a unique oil painting embedded in the frame of Swietenia Mahogany that stands out from the vibrant colors of painting.

The wooden frame was patiently crafted and wrapped with a rope.

Coffee table

The pictured coffee table is part of the beautiful old Cherry tree around the glass plate.

The table prominently stands on two massive leg that can be changed according to individual taste.

Underneath the coffee table there is an empty space that leads to the puzzles showing the Neuschwanstein castle that is decorated with fine pebbles.

Fortress of Budapest
Graphic arts,engraving with frame

The exquisite digitized copy can be ordered with a wooden frame, according to the customer's desires and conception. 

Our father, Joseph Kish Jr., received from one of his very fine teachers, Vera Pastor, pencil sketches.There are 100 pieces of the picture, 56 of them are shown in our showroom, in the original version.