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In the care of the wood, the intention is always the same: to keep its natural beauty, its original colors, and the playfulness of the vein as much as possible.

However, wood must be properly protected.In our workshop we use a high-quality lacquer for boats and acrylic paint based on water.

The transparent lacquer for boats allows a combination of decorative effects with wood protection.The see-through finishing layer gives the surface a high gloss.The thick layer on the surface creates a crystal-clear UV protective layer while providing the air transparency of wood at the same time.This increases the waterproofing of the coating that ensures the stability of the wood, so that the wood does not decrease or swell from moisture.The protective film does not crash and does not stiffen.

Acrylic paints can be used in both standard and silk versions. They do not have a high gloss, but matte, which has its advantages, as the natural effect of wood remains.