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In 1982, a manifestation called Terra International Sculpture Symposium was established in Kikinda.Each July the Symposium gave 5-8 participating artists the opportunity to create clay sculptures on a theme defined by the symposium.Over the past decades, Kikinda hosted more than 37 countries.Artists from Japan, Italy, Ukraine and Serbia came to this year's event.The specialty of the workshop is that artists do not need to plan pre-designed projects but they can create their own inspired works on the spot. 



Nikola Macura was one of the participants at the 2018 Symposium.As a technical solution for his work, he collaborated with Tihamer Kiss, the master of the carpentry, using Beech wood seals to work on clay.They printed forms with a large load press on the available material, leaving an excellent surface finish.

On July 1, 2018, the opening of the 37th symposium was held on the main square in front of the Terra gallery, where visitors could see sculptures from the prior year.
The creators stay for a month in the Terra workshop.
After watching and analyzing works from previous years, they are introduced to the technique of making and starting their creations by cutting clay sculpture.