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Mahagoni City doo

Let us introduce ourselves ...

The carpenter workshop MAHAGONI VAROŠ doo Kikinda, was established to create fine, unique furniture, where talented artisans craft their creations in their art workshop. This creative environment allows our fine craftsmen to retain the noble qualities born in Nature. They pursue the economic philosophy that quality does not cost as much as it saves. Mankind has used Nature’s magnificent wood for millenniums without harming our natural environment. Production itself is not a threat, but in the last few decades powerful industrial forms, in hand with over-mechanization, has emerged as a threat. In contrast our furniture is finely crafted artwork. Each piece has a unique artistic harmony that distances our creations from mass conformation and industrial stripes. Our commitment comes from our customers’ trust. Our bond with our customers means we will maintain our quality products detailed in our catalog. Each item is crafted with the utmost care and precision. Our quality approach and practices to fine craftsmanship has brought the most demanding customers to our products in more and more countries. Therefore, it is our distinct pleasure to offer to you our products in this publication!



Carpenter and Machinist 


One of the longest titles of musical-scenes pieces, Kurt Weill´s and Bertold Brecht´s, "Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" begins with a car breakdown that leaves a woman and two men in the middle of a desert.
They cannot go on, since the police are on their heels, and they are not able to go back. So, they came up with an exciting idea to set up the City of Mahagoni, a place where the only rule is: “always have enough money”.
This song-spiel is a cantata of an urban community which eventually destroys itself in a wild party.


* It is extremely difficult to designate a name for a new company, which will be appealing and at the same time show its value. My brother, Tihamer Kiss, has been working with wood of superb quality for almost two decades, primarily with Mahogany. In the beginning we designed, developed and made our house in Kikinda more beautiful with various artistic ideas, for the joy of our family and for ourselves.
* As opera singer, tenor of the Opera House in Hannover, I had the opportunity to sing one of the main roles of Kurt Weill, in the opera Street Scene. I grew up in the heart of Sam's character, that natural and faithful blend of melody and act.

* Failure was something I tried to forget, and overcome, after it turned around. But I met him later in life when I started to be interested in something new. Contrary to Kurt Weill's story, the success came from the fall. It turned out that I realized many deep parallels, in addition to the concept of analogy-existence: a new business, a new life, the preservation of old traditions, the noble value of noble trees, and the creation of a new "city"!

* I was looking for a link that would represent the quintessence of the artistic creativity of these two professions.



Founder and Agent